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De doggpound, #mocrolife

Mountain life is sweetest life. The charming beast in the midlle his name is ton ton!


- "Forever Young baby" -

Dubai, front, absolute matriarch of the clan.

Lady ahKira

Lady ahKira - the Daughter to DUBAI


Baccara - the Son to DUBAI


You whot ,Mate ! He knows being filmed, starts acting up, he knows we expect a show.

ton ton!

The youngest, the biggest, the baddest and the most difficult. Bu to me the sweetest !

Chica, had to mention her.

There are also asbak/ straathondjes. Waar vandaan is meestal heel onduidelijk. Maar ze zijn er.

Chica has been there for years, didn't recognise her after 1 year away. She is a master actress, exceptioneel. Haar eigenaar gaf haar het eerste jaar van haar leven alleen maar droog brood. Daarna is de ontwikkeling lichaam nooit goed meer gegaan. Ze is nu 1/3 ve German sheppard. But what she lacks in fysiek, she makes up in skills. I notice stuff, and I noticed her changing roles/ acting like a true professional.

Amazing. She plays all roles, crazy, happy, human, superman, bad-ass, hero, sweet or hilarious. just what is needed to get what she wants at that moment. I recognised her only just when leaving at 5:30 in the morning. She got the other stray-dogs and tried to stop us from going away. People told me it was her all the time, but I truly Knew the dog again, when she gave me the this " ohh this boy is a hopeless wreck -look". Are we sure he's fit to go. Look at the poor thing, he's a total mess.

And the other dog licked my forehead as a kiss goodbye. This one licked my shawl, just to decent me up and wish me " bonvoyage"


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