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Dickless Sodomites

Ja, and again we have Satan/ Baphomet to thank for this useless creation. a dickless sodomite, why would you even want to have that, and how demented are you when this looks like a good idea.

Dickless sodomites, wtf are you on Satan/ Lucifer© ? What is the point of Lucifer and Luciferianism© . It is complete and utter stupidity. Useless and non-value. Nonsical and no sense making. Get over your abused selves already. djeez.

Leave it to satan/ sheitan and the devil to come up with stuff and developments that are useless, obsolete or degenerate in general.

Nonhumans/ slaves follow Freemason or Lucifer© / cabballa etc etc. it is all against the perfection of Nature itself. And therefore already a waste of resources, energy and time. These people are stupid. They go in against the amazing and generous creation itself. Their hubris thinks they can do it better, when everything good is already invented or given to Men.

These Freemason© cucks want to bring us abomination on abomination and that's the best they can come up with, or do. They/ the devil/ Evil can not Create anything good or lasting. Because they are not the source.

Who needs dickless Sodomites !

Neeh, Nooh, not this one, yet.

Pooh-bear, or Poop-bear is partypooper for life of CCCP, however long or short that may be. We'll find it when Time is due.

All Freemason-sodomites. I think Xi isnt a man even, a manhore. One of them dickless sodomites. Rockefeller/USA has had Bio-chemical laboraoria since 1912 1st worldwar for Typhoid medicine production. USA and Chinks are working together against freedom, love, prosperity and humanity.

I want to talk about the effete assholes ruling and ruining our societies/ nations to their early graves. The Luceferian uploaded suicidal cucks running our political, judicial and social lives. The philosophy of demon- and moneyworshippers is a suicidal one.

They want Nations/ Peoples to kill themselves off.

The Bible and scriptures around the world are very clear on what to do with snakes and Deceiving man-whores. With reason we as a People have been warned against trick-men wearing women's clothing as cover. Freemason do it to corrupt humanity. They wear a disguise and are inversed for evil intentions.

This has not so much to do with human trannies. They are getting abused just as hard by these secret inverted elites/ illuminaty-trannies as anyone else. If one has done it, more have done it because they do it generationally.

New King James Version

“A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the LORD your God.

There is a pattern: All countries with Royalty are dying out of all the feminisation/trannyfying of their societies (by law, education/ media). Our kings and rulers commited suicide on the countries they were supposed to serve (Holland in our case). That constitutes to Treason by all means. It constitutes to Heresy by all means. And it constitutes the betrayal of God, our Creator, Lord and eventual Saviour by our “elites”.

By any means it constitutes to heresy and assaults against Humanity. Transvestigation - Royalty, CEO's, Feminist Icons

A History of Royal Incest & Inbreeding - Part 2: Royal Houses of Europe

Habsburger have lower long jaws/ underbite from the retardation. These people, our royals, are effete soft and demented pussies. The men are cowards and weak and the women are just as big a cowards. Lying, covering, crouching and hiding in the closets or Industrileele Grootte Club op de Dam, Amsterdam. All these rulers and people in the power are usurpers. They have no physical right to sit on a thrown. And for sure no moral authority to lead or sit on any thrown. For they are demented, vile Creatures who are not even human. How and why would these actors have power of Human civilisation/ societies. They do not have any authority to be in our lives. Let alone decide or rule (via parle-ment) over our lives. These people are not human, butt Creatures. They do not love life itself, or other people. No, they only love money and status. And worshipping other men's assholes (Freemasonry).

Age of DECEIT (Part 2) - TRANSagenda, Celebrity TWINS, Breeding Program, CEO's, Royalty

Massive Political and Entertainment Transvestigation

Henry Kissinger's Lizard Wife

TRANSVESTIGATION: Bill Gates is a WOMAN All these capatains of industry, geniuses are not geniuses and not smart or inventive (DARPA invents, tech companies push it into households). They are put/ placed on top and into power by their owners Ill ominatiy cucks. So called succesfull men, most eligable, most money and most adoration. Blah die blah die blaaaah (Opposites)

It is to confuse the masses into believing that being a nerd/ feminine soyboy is the new norm and attractive to women (human women). And boys should be aspiring to into being a brainiac, pussie-assed nerds. And become billionaire and hook up with (tranny-) playmates later in life. No it doesn't work that way, some/ lots of women are attracted to money, but most love and like a real man and a real dick (and a good beating of that pussy). Not a flassid clit on a fake rich man. All these effete assholes are worth shit, nowhere near genius or smart even, they are all actors on a stage (we call that stage reality or real ) and should not be held into high esteem or as an example. Not to men and not to human, for they are not real and only actors, deceivers and snitches.They are damned Sodomite Deceivers and are running a psy-op on youths. That being a nerd (and later in life very wealthy) is somehow a decent substitute for manliness, responsability, fun and testosteron.


Political Trannies


Jews (blue people) are not white / caucasian, they are Semitic (Syria/ Jordanees). Do not ever sleep on that fact. They hate white people and through massmedia were instrumental in the degeneration of our civil and civic societies.

Jews/ crypto's claim they are above normal humans, they admit it themselves. And that disgust for normal humans/ white and black people made them Inhumane enough to occupy the gaschambers/ deathcamps for unborn gojim children. Planned Parenthood/abortion-clinics.

21 Quotes by Margaret Sanger

They even EDL/ SPLC made it into law to have human babies murdered thru Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics all over the world. The jews serve EL, a pagan god that has nothing to do with God/ the Creator. They oppose our God and oppose us being fruitfull, productive, happy and human.

Blue people run and own our media and television and therefore run our degeneracy into below that of beasts/ live stock. All the brainwashing/ cracking our honour, strength as men and destroying virtue and decency came thru education (jew run) and mass media (all owned by Blue people). They attack the brains of our small children, trying to corrupt them. Just like they did with their dumb, ignorant and whoring-out-mothers (gojim).

Ariana Grande Transgender Exposed

All celebrities & Idols are to programming human's children. It is to crack their brains/ confidence and therefore perception. A.G. is a bwoi

They are the enemies of the Living God by hiding Him thru Science/ Nasha. And once again. You don't have to believe me, as long as you Know it.

Jews organised Planned Parenthood and the mass genocide on white babies all over the world. The Jew doctors and nurses run these deathcamps/ gaschambers. So, do not expect me to feel sorry for anything that happened in the WWII it is all fake and a mass-mindrape. Nothing these jesuits/ jews have taught us is real.

What is real: jew doctors cutting of healthy breasts of human women when Angelina Jolie says they are of risk of getting some unproven breastcancer-gene. It was all a lie, the dockters were in on it. Angelina Jolie is a Man!

What is real: that Margereth Sanger (Jew-tranny) organised Planned Parenthood and was therefore instrumental in the mass-slaughter and genocide of innocent lives. The mass anihilation of innocent black and white babies, cause no jew babies got killed in this Industry of Death. The mass slaughter of human live. It was them, the jews/ crypto's, who did it without any remorse, feelings or guilt. Without mercy for the thing closest to God/ the Creation, the innocent unborn child. These animal-jews. They and their "religion" serve the Inhumane-shaitan. They serve the unliving, they serve Evil itself.

The Satanic Androgynous Agenda: Margaret Sanger Rothschild Family Wicked transgenders Tranny Prime Ministers? We've Got You Covered

lluminati Transgenders are EVERYWHERE! Part 3! Politicians and Royalty mostly + the secret covenant


Mark “Oh d I zäk “ Rutte is beyond suspect of being a bitch.

His whole personal life was one of hiding and cowering away. Bending over and taking abuse up the asshole and the rest of his meager existence. The bwoi is born a bitch. His whole political career is proof of him being a deceitfull, lying and sorry assed bitch. On record and no doubt.

If he/ she is a dickless sodomites, who knows. He's always been too private about his privates and private-lifes? And it doesn't matter what he has to say, it will always be a Lie. He can not help himself, he is a pathalogical lier, a sick sick individual. sad.

If this cheating punk does not speak/ tell anything when talking, but always hides the truth and reality. When every word he/ she utters is a lie at best. Then people start answering the questions proposed, but unanswered/ zwartgelakt, themselves.

Mark Rutte Transvestigation

At this point it doesn't matter anymore for Marx if he has a dick or no dick, he might be one of them dickless Sodomites too, who knows. The guy/ gay cant even tie his shoelaces right, incompentent and demented fool. Gets caught lying everytime when he is involved.

Has been Seen by everybody not selling out. Mark Rutte van regime Trut III heeft sowieso geen ballen, heeft zich nog nooit als een echte man gedragen en met of zonder jurkje aan:

is a Certified Bitch, proven by reality.

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