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Little devil

The Devil Of Little St. James: The True Jeffrey Epstein Story (Full Documentary 2017)

Jeffrey Edward Epstein is a billionaire American financier and registered Level 3 sex offender. The Palm Beach Police Department investigated the cases of over 30 underage females who had been sexually abused and/or commercially exploited by Epstein for the purposes of sex trafficking.

To this day Epstein has only been convicted of a single state charge of solicitation of prostitution.

The purpose of this film is not only to shed some light on the highly enigmatic character that is Jeffrey Epstein, but also his victims, particularly Virginia Roberts.

Ultimately I would like to demonstrate that the Non-Prosecution Agreement which has protected Epstein and his co-conspirators for all these years is void and he should indeed be faced with federal charges of human trafficking.

There is no Federal Statute of Limitations for crimes involving human trafficking in addition to his criminal activities *after* his arrest.

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Lil' Devil Live at Vicar Street Dublin Ireland 2016

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DISCLAIMER: The Cult ROCKS and has nothing to do with Human trafficking.

Child Sex Victims To Reopen Case Against Jeffrey Epstein

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Former child sex victims of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein are seeking to reopen the case and have him thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

Almost 10 years after Epstein signed a plea deal that allowed him to escape criminal charges of raping dozens of teenage girls, the 64-year-old friend of the Clintons could find that the agreement is null and void. reports: In court papers filed this month, attorneys representing two of the 30 young women prosecutors say Epstein molested lodged their final written pleas aimed at spurring U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra to force federal officials to reopen their investigation into the sordid case.

U.S. government lawyers in September will have another chance to defend themselves against allegations that they violated the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act by failing to alert Epstein’s victims of the terms of what some describe as a “sweetheart deal.” Marra could make a decision as early as this fall.

The stakes for all crime victims are high, said attorneys Bradley Edwards and Paul Cassell, who filed the rare lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of two Jane Does who were 13 and 14 when they claim Epstein paid them for sex.

If Marra dismisses the lawsuit, “then the government will never have to give any information in any case to any victim,” they wrote, urging him to uphold the provisions of the 13-year-old federal law.

At the same time, the stakes are equally high for Epstein, who has ferried President Bill Clinton on his private jet and counts celebrities, such as Britain’s Prince Andrew, as friends.

Marra has already ruled that if he finds that federal prosecutors violated the act, he will consider throwing out the plea deal that Epstein signed with federal prosecutors in 2007. Miami attorney Roy Black, one of dozens of high-profile lawyers who has represented Epstein, claims that would be manifestly unfair.

As part of the unusual non-prosecution agreement, which wasn’t shared with victims for nearly a year while and after it was being negotiated, federal prosecutors agreed not to pursue charges that could have sent Epstein to prison for life. In exchange, Epstein in 2008 pleaded guilty in Palm Beach County Circuit Court to two Florida criminal charges — one count each of soliciting a minor for prostitution and soliciting prostitution. He served 13 months of an 18-month sentence in a vacant wing of the county stockade — a cell he was allowed to leave 16 hours a day, six days a week.

Epstein, who now spends most of his time on his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, also is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. In addition, as part of the plea deal, he paid roughly 30 women, who were identified by prosecutors as his victims, undisclosed amounts of money to settle civil lawsuits they had filed against him. Source:

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