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Meme magic

It's real. It's Kosmik.

Classic SJW's Fails

Sexy Justice Warriors and the Truck of Peace

Massive triggering, the triggering is massive. And hilarious.

"This Person, this Person !!"

Hugh Mungus (Original Video)

'What it means to be Ideologically possessed' Jordan Peterson : dan hebben we het over politiek-correct fascisme, het deugende fascisme.

Logic vs SJW's

Truck of Peace: Antifabulous

Story of Moldylocks

Kek Trumps Moloch

300 van de harde kern is meer dan genoeg. Toen, netals nu.

I'm SO HAPPY That Donald Trump is President!!!

Kek vs Baphomet

The Ballad of #Moldylocks (Just Hit Me)

Side of Beef

Donald Trump Time Travel Theory- Tesla

The struggle is real, our plight is real. We deserve freedom and liberation from the Normie oppression and libtard philosophies..

Set my people free, and let my people go.

Our peoples history and heritage will never fade.

We, the people of Kekistani decent, have been villified and prosecuted for far too long.




Sound of Social Justice

It might be a nr's game, but forever a Troll's world.

Bert & Ernie were jews, hiding as Natzees. And that did not go that well. Obviously.

Without any doubt on the list, this unhinged fool, Cuck Norris. This Absolute Idiot, this New-Age braindamaged deranged and sick low-effort thinking-fuck, done meme'd himself. (wearing the baphomet chain-choker).

This Absolute Idiot.

And a perfect example for the current state of the Left/ sLinks. (And a lot of students). Unhinged and hysterical when confronted with an opposite opinion or the truth.

They loose their shits,

The Tale of Cuck Norris, no doubt.

He went full retard, and you never go full Feminism. Everybody knows that.

He went full retard on his feminisms. So hard fighting for the woman's cause he lost it. Fronting and Fighting so hard for the woman that he attacks a woman. Koekoek !.

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