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Als je jonger dan 30, 35 of whatever bent dan zal dit je niks zeggen. Als je geen Hebreeuws spreekt zal ‘NAShA’ je zeer waarschijnlijk ook niks zeggen. Het betekent:

te misleiden/ Bedriegen.

If you are younger then 35 then this will not be engraved in your memory or consciousness. If you don't speak Hebrew then 'Nasha' will not ring a bell too. It means :

to Deceive.

In 1986 the space-shuttle Challenger explosion was literally the biggest thing in the world. Any nigger dead or alive had to see it. It was same level or bigger then the O.J. case, but smaller then 9/11

It was theater at it’s best. We loved the usa and her astronauts. They were Champs and were taking humankind to the next level. Or so we tougth and Believed.

Amazing and discerning too, because the whole world wept for the States and mankind itself.

Back than we used these big words reguraly (Mankind, Humanity, Democracy), we was different folks back than. We had a lot more hope and inspiration and excitement for our futures. The world and the excess/ fat of the land was to be enjoyed, provided and promised to us.

People were not so nihilistic/ luceferian, twisted and globalistic- communistic-cucks like nowadays. We shared a connect worldwide;

enlightened Humanity.

And we felt dearly for these champions of America and humanity to suffer such fate.

Yeah, I can say that, Humanity.

We all shared a connection/ shared the same fate. And we felt for people all over the civilised world, or atleast felt part of the same team

The whole world back than was USA and Europe-west. The rest behind Iron curtain, M-east, Africa was all 3rd world countries to us. ’t Was dark, corrupt and underdeveloped and no information present in our daily activities. Unknown therefore unloved. As far as we was concerned, they all lived in a 3rd world cuntry, and we couldnt really be bothered.

We were going interstellar, we reached the zenith of human development and it was us too going with the usa to the moon and back..

Until it blew up in midair, on Live tv.

That shook the world and rocked our dreams back to reality. Well it never did, we never came back to reality.

We are still in this stage, this tv emission, still living in a theater of tears. A theater made up of actors, reptillians, royals and Freemason deceit.

The rocket blew up, why not. But the astronauts didn’t lose their lives. They were not on board anymore. We didnt know that and nobody told us.

It was Deceitfull to make us believe these brave men and women we loved so much got tragically killed. It was Nasha, all of NASA is Nasha.

De astronauten leven allemaal nog en hebben daarna heel gewoon Vrijmetselend hun carrieres kunnen vervolgen omdat het volk afgeleid werd met ander nieuws.

This was again a unnecessary scar on our souls made by Freemason deceivers. Tears invoked out of pure bullshit and trickery. It is not real and not worth spending emotions on. That is what they call a religion. Negative energy creation. None of it is real, or even happened. It is all fake and theater. We live in, and on a stage with actors.

We outlived the Universal Age of Deceit.

NASA challenger crew still alive and well

Eric Dubay Answers Everyone's Flat Earth Questions

Freemason/ satanist/ Vatican Deception-coding 1-on-1: Everything with a 7 is a LIE a fairytale, bullshit and did not happen in reality.

Only when you talk about it at the office near the coffeemachine/ social=media and give your opinion and emotions on it, it did “happen” and became a reality/ some sort of fake reality. Still only in your heads it happened, not in the real.

Learn Deception-coding to discern/ See what is true, real and worth your time, or just another satanic-freemason Lie.

If you belief or support a satanic Lie, you yourself are fuel/ food for Evil and the devil.

When written in 7’s by the Vatican/ Jesuits/ Luceferians it is only “real” in your heads. MH17, MH370 for example.

Challenger is written too in 7’s: the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after liftoff, killing the seven crewmembers and changing NASA’s space program forever.

Get it, it is a worldwide signal to all Secret societies (and voters and parents at home) and Freemason/Vrijmetselaars-tuig, that this is not something to worry over about.

Because it is not real, only in your heads/ tv it’s real. For civilians it is the first clue, thatcombined with the living victims/ crew it has been proven to be an outright LIE and Deception.

Our governments/ politicians who are in power/ Vrijmetselaars, they know.

They are the Deceivers.

They are the Traitors.


Rockets/ combustion can not work in a vacuum of Space. For combustion/ explosion you need three basic elements. Without one of them you will not have combustion/ rocket fuel burning. For fire you need:

Oxygen, Heat, Burnable material.

You do not have Oxygen in the vacuum of Space, no Oxygen, no combustion possible. Hence no rocket engine ever brought astronauts back from outerspace. It is impossible and therefore a Lie.

They invented the term “wave particle duality” for the properties of light. That light and other energy waves can exist in two different forms. (It can not, it is either one or the other.) As a particle and as a energywave. Well that is a theory-Lie to explain how i.e. radiowaves can travel through an airless space. Radiowaves bounce of air. In a vacuum sending radiosignals to talk/ phone home would be impossible. Just like radio-controled steering a spacecraft around Mars and back. Radio-signals travel over air. It’s a wave, not particals. Waves need the air to travel, there is no air in Space, so no radio contact possible. Walky-talkies are impossible in a vacuum of Space©

NAShA is a belief/ a religion. An unGodly and therefore Satanic religion/ belief.

The ballearth is not true. We get all of our ball-earth programming through imagery NASA. It helps to concretusualise what you are thinking and believing. Even if that conviction/ conclusion is an impossibility, and therefore not the truth and a Lie.

The Flat Earth Conspiracy Audiobook

Forget your distracting fancy fake theories, forget your Newton and Apples and fuck your couch!

Tell me something about the moonlandings, Snake.

Here’s a good upload with visualisations of how the moon/stars/seasons work. (14:17) Very helpfull in changing your paradime/ p.o.v. on the matter. Easy.

Now let the planets and the moon and the stars collapse..


The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes

From the Nasha website a fake Theory to explain their impossible Lies: The amount of energy a photon has can cause it to behave more like a wave, or more like a particle. This is called the “wave-particle duality” of light. It is important to understand that we are not talking about a difference in what light is, but in how it behaves. Low energy photons (such as radio photons) behave more like waves, while higher energy photons (such as X-rays) behave more like particles.

Interesting indeed because: The Firmament is the Flat-Earth.

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