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Past proved the present.

Message from the past to present the present and warn for our future.

John Conner spoke to us via MP3 in 2013. Warning us, but not to be heard.

Future proves past.

23:44 Silverstream

4:57 Marsh & McLellan + Silverstream.

Connect the duds:

Greenberg family

Marsh & McLennan was run by

Jeffrey W. Greenberg, whose father

Maurice R. Greenberg was the head of AIG. Jeffrey's brother

Alan C. Greenberg was the head of Bear Stearns, and his brother

Evan G. Greenberg was the head of Swiss insurance broker ACE Limited. Template:Cn

Muurschildering VN, weer die symboliek en hellevuur

31:50 Damn son, you didn't. That was a great production.

42:18 VN/ UN = United Nazi's. HQ UN N-York is demon worshipping.

Het schilderij in de zaal van de Veiligheidsraad verklaard precies de bedoelingen van deze Goddeloze organisatie.

Deze voor Satan werkende en de duivel dienende hoerezonen willen ons in slavernij houden.

UN is to keep real humans down and divided. Like real Luceferians/ devilworshippers they have to tell the truth at least one time. To get rid of their conscience and guilt. Not really necessary if you know what low level scum they thoroughly are. Tous, and all of them.

Now let's See what these Nazi's in the UN Security council, and the supporting UN structure behind it, have in store for us.

The proclaimed and published plans from the UN/ VN for Humanity:

Centre: Phoenix bird risen from it's own old skin/ ashes. The bird is a symbol for lucifer/ sheitan/ devil. Presenting himself as god.

Top Left: (NOTRE DAME 15 04 2019).

Behind is a church without a cross on top. Representing the death of Christianity. The death to all religion and believers in God. (Al Aqsa/ Sri Lanka 21 04 2019)

Left Centre:

A woman getting a facial from somebody else then her cuckolding and cocksucking husband? Wut?!

The Sodomite is living on his knees begging to be abused.

2 piramides on the masses. Just sayin'

I hope this gets a bit more sane, but this Agenda is completely insane.

Boom. the phoenix they drive a sword through the heart of all Godly religions. Only lucifer/ demon/ baal is to be worshipped. Hell on earth is the ambition.

Ask the afghan, libians and yemeni for Testimony on Hell on earth.

People who vote for the status quo are voting suicide.

Depopulation by weapons, hunger and disease/ vaccins.

Nope, it stays retarded. The elite have underground area's where they will crawl out again, and again and again like the vermin they are.

Keep crawling again, and again and again.

In vervolg op

In vervolg op

Rhodesian-network/ Jezuit/ illuminatie

6:54 18:15

13:13 18:38

14:14 21:22

22:41 Schape-gen


29:18 Rhodes, Rockefeller, Bilderberg, tri-lateral commission, cfr, v.n. = n.w.o.

32:14 Communisten hebben de taktiek van illuminatie overgenomen. Ze hebben hun naam afgeworpen. Maar nooit de ideologie.

Freedom Law School

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