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Remnants Army

Geen enkel pantser harder dan de Waarheid.

Geen oorlogsstrategie meedogenlozer dan die van Gerechtigheid.

I am not a Christian or religious but am WAR,

and a Believer / Believer.

We vechten voor het Licht en de waarheid. We doen dit voor de Insayya's en Aicha's.

We vechten voor de onderdrukten (99%).

En we vernietigen het geinstitutionaliseerde Kwaad in de wereld.

Nu, in het verleden en in onze toekomst.

De Harde Kern

God Is Raising A Holy Remnant Army

Shaking My Head Productions

Gepubliceerd op 11 apr. 2018

In these last days, God is doing a work that will impact the world. He is training a holy remnant that will be solely dedicated to God and His work during these last days.

God is raising up a people who are committed to him and his cause who are a holy remnant,

and who are steadfast and sure of their God.

Eli was judged soft on sin and allowed wickedness in the tabernacle at Shiloh; even his own sons. (1 Samuel 2:27,1 Samuel 3:11-21)

Today, the church world is a laughing stock because of wickedness in the house of God, there is no power or spiritual authority, no presence of the Lord in many churches.

But there is an unseen remnant of people, who would surprise you, because they are not prominent, or well known, but they are shut in with and hearing a word from God.

And the word is prepare,

for Judgment is coming.

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