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Sunday with Charles – The Spies Who Materially Misrepresented Me

Jason Goodman

13 uur geleden live gestreamd

The Clintons cross the pond, Charles Ortel follows... .

Well, well, well,

Or, How did I fall into this beauty of a solved crime. This presentation is truly 'Case Closed' for the Billary clan.

The noose that got tighter and tighter, with every second passing.


This had to become. And who better then master conspiracy solver mr Charles Ortell. If you would have followed mr Ortell a bit on RT or Lionel Nation, you would know this could not have gone any other way. There was no running away from these decades of crimes and pay-for-play/ bribery. (wich is illigal in all countries anyway).

The case is finished, everybody and anything has been Seen.

Tick tock, time keeps on ticking. Into Gitmo, but first:

Let's find out what people actually bought when giving money to this crime-syndictate. Our Dutch politicians and head of state Queen/ King gave 30 million dollars (through "charity" hihi).

Sharon Dijksma (PvdA, social democrats) did not marry Bill Gates. But she has a lot of 'gates' behind her name. The whole Partij van de Arbeid is demented, but for sure retarded.

The question that should be asked is not if Hilary is a crook and a criminal.

No, it's about the people who donated into this criminal affaire. Due dilligence.

The question is; Is everybody that did business with, or donated to CF a criminal too!

Acomplice to the crimes committed by the unregistered entity the Clinton Foundation/ CGI.

I heard Charles, or somebody else talk about the DoJ is going to apply the RICO statues. And wipe this whole cabal into oblivion.

Are Dutch politicians shielded from RICO statues? Can we please hand over our political correct corruptors and let American Justice deal with these cucks?

Does USA law Trump Dijksma PvdA law? The lady who went with 5 million dollar to a private meeting with Bill Clinton is pretty hefty. So you should arrange cattle flights for lamantees.

Bless you mr Ortell, champion. Peace.

BOOM! The Fall Of Hillary Is Upon Us!

Gepubliceerd op 25 mrt. 2018 In the Q anon kill box "[]" this week is Hillary Clinton in reference to a video that will blow wide open her criminality. When will this bombshell drop? Will it be this week? All evidence points to very soon. In this podcast I research the deeper meaning of this and I explore the OMNIBUS bill just signed by President Trump and show how this bill will help get his goals accomplished.

Truth and Art TV

Gepubliceerd op 25 mrt. 2018

Time is running out for those involved in decades long Clinton corruption schemes. Charles presents even more damning evidence of full blown FBI criminal investigations concurrent with the 2016 Presidential election.

Jason Goodman

Gepubliceerd op 28 mrt. 2018

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