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till the End (of the Earth)

To the ends of the earth, would you follow me

There's a world that was meant for our eyes to See

To the ends of the earth, would you follow me Out there's a land that Time don't command.

Out there's a a world that calls for me, girl

Headin' out into the unknown

Well if there are strangers, and all kinds of danger Please don't say I'm going alone

All we are taught and educated is a Lie and a Deception. This is part of the Beast-system-Sheitan. Our education/ religions are designed to keep us from Knowing. Designed to keep us confused, fragile and lost in Lucifer's light ;

the shadow of Ignorance & Cowardice.

To the ends of the earth, would you follow me There's a world that was meant for our eyes to See

The Truth/ God will set us all free. Doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from, it will set us all Free. And land us rightaway in Paradise, Earth. Our home.

Destroy the Deceit/ sheitan and we all wake up in Paradise, it's the Earth itself. Our domain by birth, our God given paradise.

Given to us by the Creation/ Creator/ the one known as God. It is ours by birth-right. The usurpers who put themselves in between Humanity and God, and claim ownership are imposters. We call them Judges, royalties and politicians, call them pilars of our society or Science, we call them Idols or Stars.

They are all Illegit, and Traitors to Humanity and God.

Oh, there's a river that winds on forever I'm gonna see where it leads

Oh, there's a mountain that no man has mounted I'm gonna stand on the peak

You have to understand that the devil can only make his Kingdoom here on earth, for they are not fallen, but Banished angels. While they could pretend it was here on earth the Kingdom (of satan) or a domain, in fact it was his prison.

And the Truth of the matter for this faggot is ;

God raised an Army to lay waste upon all of His enemies.

the Truth of the matter is, that a human with a soul has more worth, more potential then any fallen angel or their servants. They can never reach Heaven/ Creation/ God and His realm again. For they are banished by the O.G. of it all, God.

the Truth of the matter is, that we are hunting for Evil and the devils/ archons here on earth, and we will hunt it down in any existence and any Time.

the Truth of the matter is, God raised a small but most powerfull Army.

It is called the Army of the Holy Remnant. It is the Army of the praying peoples.

de Harde Kern

. the Truth of the matter is, the faggot Baphomet/ sheitan is stuck here on earth, with us. Nowhere to go, and we will kill it, we kill Evil and it's servants before their God forsaken Time comes.

Way before, we are rolling up on these faggots all Day man. We never sleep, we roll on Creeps.

What you need to understand is that everything you claim to know about the world and reality, is taught to you by some person without Knowledge or courage to think things through. The weak. The cowards accepting and living in lucifer's light. And they themselves got taught by a Deceiver with a title, function or Authority given to him/ her by another Deceiver.

It is a structure of Lies on top of other Lies. That structure of Lies we call reality and Science. None of it is true, they just invent new theories to support or build up the Deception/ satan-reality that came before that. In black and white tv, newspapers, scriptures, claytablets or hyroglyphs.

Carbon-dated Certified© if you want it.

It means nothing because it is all trash.

If I'm making your test-equipment and software to read. Maybe finance or own the building you work in. You can research anything you want, be dapper and honet but you will get my results, when I want it.

Get it, it's all Trash.

For example, one big lie like Gravity supports a whole bunch of other Science “ facts and fundamentals” none of it is true because you started the concept/ theory with a Lie.

Same as finding a solution for the Climate ! in a globed earth's perspective. You are not going to find the answer, or any helpfull answers/ Truths inside a Lie. It is impossible. And therefore a waste of time and energy/ resources.

And that makes it/ or you demented, a Fool, or criminally insane. Nothing more, it/ you is all posture and no substance. (Gecertificeerd, dat dan weer wel.)

These Authorities/ power/ Governments have no legit power over us. They are imposters and usurpers, thinking they can stand in between Human/ Men and the Creator/ God.

These religious people, magistrature, politicians are fake and phonies.

We Believe in democracy/ rule of law and their Authority. It is all fake and non-existent. These politicians/ judges just keep on hoping we keep Believing in the broken/ corrupted/ evil system. like a religion.

They hoped we'd never woken up and would still treat the Deceitfull Satan-system and their words/threats as a religion or rule, on good faith. Well, no,

aahh hell No!

The Strong Delusion, NASA, Star Trek, JFK, the Firmament, 666 by Rob Skiba (video)

1:00 Deception-coding from satanists/ Vatican and Freemason. 666 is number of the beast.

66,600 miles p/h is the supposed speed of ballearth's orbit. (18.5 m/ps notated to hide Truth) 666 ft is 1 mile in curvature earth calculations

66.6 is earth's tilt. Well, isn't that a coincidence, won't you look at that. Amazing.

2:17 and 13:08 Nasa in Hebrew = to Deceive

14:30 what's the Freemason/ satanists motivation 5 points

16:45 A most peculiar Timeline (AM is after the original Creation/ Beginning).

1908 AM nimrod is born/ the retarded one trying to kill the Creator. (1908 AD expeditie Nimrod to Antarctica)

1945 AM Abraham is born and the seed war starts. Two human players on the cosmic chessboard nimrod v.s. Abraham Abraham is the father of the 12 tribes of Israel

1931 AD August Piccard balloons to stratosphere and desrcibes the earth as being flat with upturned (ice) edges around.

21:11 Apollo "astronauts" interview. Before slide show detached, after slide show of their trip to the moon over animated. Almost like a MK-ultra triggering.

24:07 And than something happened. Signing of Antarctic-Treaty.

Which holds a lot of intresting conclusions and propositions. One being:

All WAR s are fake. All wars and strives in between nations and peoples are FAKE. All governments are in peace over and on Antarctica. They have brotherly and peacefull Agreements. No war in between rulers. WAR is fake, they all work together. Everlasting peace over vast lands in Antarctica, but they go to war over a province? ! Wars are fake, UN = theater by actors, governments are at peace. It is just the media and ignorance that gets us into physical wars and battles. Tears and hate for no valid reasons. There is never a cause for war, it is always made up. See the peace-treaty Antarctica that is never disputed. While they hate and bomb eachother silly or invade eachothers territories. It is all theater this socalled hate or differences. War is a racket, only for banksters/ royalty to profit hate energy and money.

31:00 "Now this is what blew my mind" in pastor Dan Creshaw's church. Do you know what the name Dominic/ Dominicus means? It means: of the Lord. Combined with operation Fishbole/ nuking of the upper-skies.

You get that the Operations were to test - the fisbowl of the Lord.

All politicians have proven themselves unworthy of any faith we put into them. And they made up the religion of democracy, equality and a rule of law. A rule of law based on what !

Lies ? Velvet Feodalisme, Legitimised (armed) rrrrabery? WAT !

What you need to do is get your head out of your ass and start seeing the things in their relations to eachother. Nothing is stand-alone. And coincidences are rarer then you would know.

Virusses, medical treatments, creating problems and misery-energy, subsidies for research, titles, noble-prices and a lot of (public)monies going into privatebank accounts. It is all a system.

Virusses, std's are man-made by freemason laboratories. To make life miserable and sex a danger for caring and loving people. The Religious homo's / pedo's also installed a unnatural fear for the opposite sex into our young brains. It is all a system. The powerstructures all work together against civilians/ humans (kleur, religie maakt weer niks uit).

The assault on Love (and the gay-scene, segregation from us hetero's) is best described by the AIDS-Hoax.

Jezuits/freemason, Tempelier-banksters hide behind and in other people's suffering and misery. They hide in Jew-, homo-, women's -suffering.

- They shout the loudest on anti-semitism/ human-rights, but import muslims and molesters.

- They cry homophobia and than invent std-diseases.

- They cry patriarchy/ misogynie but are secret jew trannies.

That is our "elites and nobility" , that is Freemasonry: the ultimate cowards.

Understand that a animal-virus can never transmutate into human-virus. That is an impossibility. Nature does not work that way. When the media tells you that it does (Birdflu H5N1 = 6, Ebola, chickenpox, varkenspest, CORONA etc etc), they are running a psy-op/ false flags against us.

Mass psychological stress: i.e. terrorizing. Terrorising with fear the real and normal civilians and humans.

Freemason and other Sodomites want to destroy love.

Attaching diseases and death to the act of making love,

i.e. fucking, is one of their Inhumane tacktics. Once more, diseases do not switch species without help from doctors inventing, injecting and administring it (via vaccins, medicine).

Do not live in lucifer's light; the shadow of Ignorance.

AIDS was man-made, can never jump from apes to human, it does not work that way, impossible and therefore a Lie.

The docters injected the HIV virus together with treatment against Hepatitus-B. Back then a lot of homo's and junkies were suffering from that liver deterioration. We got the treatment said Big Pharma in San-Fransisco, N-York and Chicago. Bam ! It exploded and the media reported the lies and hype, repeated all the vague lies and vague origins and was instrumental in keeping the truth suppressed, these vile murderers, these Presstitutes

I told you before, it is the Nature Law, the law of Man:

You don't reason with a snake. You get a shovel and kill it.

You don't reason with uber rich sociopaths hiding behind money, Science, the Law or the Dark. You get a shovel and kill it. Get it.

They will never better their ways, beast don't have any betterment, conscious or remorse. They are not human but snakes and Creatures. You don't reason with it, you kill it.

To the ends of the earth, would you follow me There's a world that was meant for our eyes to see To the ends of the earth, would you follow me

All Medicine is a lie and never to cure you. Hegelian-dialect. They create a disease and have the painful unnecessary cure.

Cancer comes through vaccins in the first place, they make the body a medium for development cancercells. Chemo-therapy is worse then cancer itself. The doctors are in on this scam, they Know it is all by design from the Devil/ freemasonry/ Jezuits/ Tempeliers.

They serve the Inhumanity to destroy decency, Love, happiness and life.

Their religion is Luciferianism, the suicide philosophy. They kill themselves too, but are too demented to understand. Too ignorant or cruel to care that while killing their own souls and wealth of life, they dragg as many people as possible with them to their hell/ subserviant-existance.

They are sheep, cruel sheep that do not, and can not oversee the bigger picture:

That God raised a small but most powerful Army to lay waste upon all of His enemies.

God raised an Army, a Samuel Company. Halleluja !

God passed His judgement on them, the elites and money-worshippers. They and the sheitan/ devil will find no shelter here, and the frontline is everywhere. We take it up, even to the moons, the stars and the planets, which are non-existent/ a Lie too.

We take them to task and battle and assault them throughout time, geography and in any plane. From the lowest of the seas to the highest of the Mountain. We attack the Lie/the Devil anywhere we find it, or where it thought it could hide. No shelter here !

the frontline is everywhere.

We take it up, even to the moons the stars and the planets let them all collapse. Cause when we raise our trigger-fingers all you niggers better hit the decks.

The globed earth and planets is one of the biggest Lies, but most easy to disprove.

All this misery through hoax-pharma, the inhumane chemical treatments, the pain and suffering of patients, the stigma/ social outcasting of survivors and families alike who lost their beloved ones. It was all by design/ opzet and preventable if you had the courage to call them out, get a shovel and just whack it.

All this misery/ellende and preventable, unnecessary pain was and is for nothing. It was for them, the elites, the professori. They made it. It could also not have been. This

n-energy creation/ opwekking is something that never should have been and was invented by Freemason scientist and royalty.

You don't reason with a snake. You get a shovel and kill it.

The HIV/AIDS Hoax Explained

You don't reason with a snake. You get a shovel and kill it.

HIV test a crime, AIDS 'cure' killed a whole generation'

The people now in power and in the money are the ones causing all this mass misery (and psychological terror) on decent human beings. They are beyond redemption or salvation. Hoping for them to change their ways is moronic and disregarding of the evil they already committed on innocent families and Humanity, for decades if not centuries.

You don't reason with a snake. You get a shovel and kill it.

BAYER scandal - HIV Contaminated Drug - 1000's contracted HIV

To the ends of the earth, would you follow me There's a world that was meant for our eyes to see To the ends of the earth, would you follow me

Here is the reality matrix for us to destruct. The assault of Humanity is on all the frontlines, everywhere and on all the times, there is no shelter here for the Sheitan/ Beast- deceiver, no place to run or hide. We put the light of God/ the Truth on all lies at the same time.

Everybody has his own interests or life's experience. His own (social) networks. His/ Her Wisdom and courage. The ruling elites have not the capacity to uphold all the lies at the same time, all the time. They burn. (in the light).

They use earthly ratio (demon works) we use Heavenly ratio (God's work). We attack all Lies all over the world and even beyond Earth's planes itself.

We will let the stars and the planets and the moon collapse, when we raise our trigger-fingers all you niggers better hit the decks. No mercy onto the enemies of Humanity and therefore God. No mercy on the crypto, the betrayor of the living God Himself man. Fok 'em !

It costs them/ our elites (Luceferian sodomites/ freemason/ Jezuits), a lot of money and secrets to keep. People to pay-off or scare societies and Universities full of Lies to keep up their (fake) reality.

Heavenly Logicks. The big lies like globed earth, Gravity, Einstein, Darwin are the foundation for a lot of other theories and “facts” that make up our reality. None of it is true (in the end).

So they need to fund/ brainwash generations of teachers, students, media, institutions to keep these Lies present, actual and true. When one big Lie falls, all other lies who it supported fall down with it. Everything built on top of that Lie crashes onto, and into itself with it.

If they work the other way, and spend all their resources in covering up and protecting the biggest Lies, we just attack the top 20% of Science that is built on top of the big Lie. We only use the latest Science anyways. There is nobody fokking around with apples falling from a tree anymore. ta ta bitch.

ad 20% : Ain't nobody fucking with your Newton and apples. Fuck your apples nigger, fuck your apples and Fuck.


Couch. nyiggah !?

-- You said something about landing on the moon, what's up with that !?... Snap je.

We attack the 20% on top of it, when we want. No defense possible. Moonlandings, hmm..? what's that than all about, nyiggur! No moonlanders enough in the museums? no pocket calculators, what iz the problem.

Get it, Fuck yo couch, tell me something about the moonlandings. Snake.

In een zucht... the Heavenly Ratio. The point being:

You don't have to waste or spent time, lose your time into studying a religion, being Virtue according to some sodomite's rule. You don't have to force yourself to follow a religion/ belief and waste energy on living it divided in a godless world, you don't need to waste years studying it and spent time in believing in God or doubting His existence, or his dumb unnatural rules. All on faith, all on strength of belief and faith. At the cost of your happiness and joy in Life.

It is all unnecessary, you/ we can skip that part. The Ratio.

We skip the Believing in a religion/God. You skip all this torment and pressure and start right away Knowing in God.

Knowing is beyond Believing in something. Skip the philosophical bullshit and rules, they are all man made and therefore not efficient (at best because the elites worship satan). Instead of Believing you get here the tools to 'Knowing in God'. Knowing He exists, because of the Creation, because of the gift of Life you had yourself. You Know in God (because you took the Truth and accepted it/ God),

You Know.

That is more then enough to make you behave decent and honest, virtue and good. If you Know (in) God, you know you are His Creation too. The person in front of you is too, humans on the other corner of the world or neighbouring countries are also His Creation.

When you Know, you understand too, that killing, maiming, hurting or violating that other human in front of you. You not only attack that person but also his Creator. In other words you attack God ('s work) when you attack another human.

Knowing is more sure then believing. If you Know the Earth/ reality, you will behave automatically more kind. Gracefull. Tenminste, als je geen gemankeerde opvoeding hebt gehad (islam) of er aan blijft hangen.

You respect automatically your surroundings, and since You too are His Creation, you rightfully demand that respect/ valuation too from people around you, from the system, from managers at work. You rightfully demand that they should respect you with the dignity and appreciation you deserve from being of God. Do never let them treat you like an animal and take it as normal. You have value and are worth. You can not accept people mistreating you, you are God's child. Worthy.

So if you behave worthy and Knowing, you make sure that people treat you too with dignity and respect. There is nothing wrong with breaking your foot off in someone's ignorant and bitch-ass.

They will have to burn billions of billions of dollars/ stockholder value to keep the lies afloat and accepted. And that is only a part of the problem, keeping up with appearances. And they will burn up/ sacrifice everybody lower ranked then them who is working for them in the Freemasonry. They will have to because it is their programming/ psycholgie.

They can't help themselves the luciferians and Freemason, from lying and cheating. Sad, the lot of yous, trash. Even if you asked them not to betray you, you Know they will Lie to you too.They are just as punk-bred, lacking moral strength, cowardly and deceitfull as you, Freemason-scum.

Freemason is the religion of selfishness and deceit. Not for real friendships and honourable trustworthy behaviour. That sociopathic selfish kind of bitch mentality only works when you have the winds in your backs. When it's all fun and games. Not when it turns, you need a team and you were and are solo egoist. When the tides turn you need real People to recognise you to weather the storm.

Vous etez pas connecte, donc toutes Seul

They will try, to no avail. They will burn themselves in vain. Burn themselves and their assets off, for there be no shelter here. And although now they might be in a hurry they will always be too late, and for sure out of Time.

They can not cover and hide all the Lies. We work with millions of people, connected by spirit and hearts, they are only and maximal 6,500 pax.

They will eat and burn themselves up to avoid the inevitable. Their doomed fate and final demise.

The destruction of an unGodly system. The destruction of Evil itself.

The death of the Devil-sheitan here on earth, for you all have been Judged.

Samuel Company

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