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Verslag Rod Rosenstein 14.12.17

Democrats are attacking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s credibility after the Department of Justice released text messages showing a top FBI agent on both the Clinton email investigation and the Russia probe rooting for Clinton while he was investigating her and discussing an unknown “insurance policy” against Trump in case he won the election.

The pro-Clinton, anti-Trump messages were, ironically, discovered as part of an investigation into the DOJ and FBI launched by the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (IG) in response to Democratic politicians demanding a probe into possible anti-Clinton bias at the FBI.

Democratic politicians and left-wing media have attacked Rosenstein’s credibility in response, claiming he should have blocked the messages’ release. (RELATED: ‘We Can’t Take That Risk’ — FBI Officials Discussed ‘Insurance Policy’ Against Trump Presidency)

Democratic Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, one of 58 House Democrats to vote in favor of impeaching Trump, attacked Rosenstein and the Department of Justice on the House floor on Thursday.

Raskin claimed the release of the text messages shows “that there are people in the Department of Justice who apparently are cooperating with this effort to undermine the integrity and the strength of this special counsel investigation.”

The DOJ, Raskin argued, should have withheld the damning messages, which were exchanged on taxpayer-funded cell phones.

Raskin said “the key thing to understand is that all of those text messages are totally irrelevant” and claimed they were nothing more than political opinions.

Dick Morris geeft zijn kijk op de zaak, en die is duidelijk.

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En om de implicaties v.w.b. kabinet Trump in te zien journalist H.A. Goodman.

Goodman, maakte een fout (George Webb, DNC murder Seth Rich), erkende het en knalt gewoon door. Die gemaakte fout was/ is heel begrijpelijk wanneer het over leven- en doodzaken gaat. He owned it, and acted honourable.

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Rosenstein, blijkt of is, waarschijnlijk een Nazi-zoon of kleinzoon. Small world after all.

Gepubliceerd op 8 feb. 2018

Q anon Update: Is Rod Rosenstein the son of NA-ZI Himmler? Is it weird HIS SISTER works in vaccinations? (well Bill Gates sr. too).

QAnon 08.02.2018

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Rod Rosenstein's Agents Murdered Seth Rich Over DNC Leaks Claims New Witness?

Update 16.07018

GOP Gives Rosenstein the Day and Time to Start Cleaning Out His Desk!

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